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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  May 15, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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muslim clothes. an intense search has been happening but so far no baby has been found. we'll continue to follow the story and bring you the latest when it becomes available. >> and now to the latest on the deadly train derailment. the last of the wrecked amtrak rail cars was removed from that site in port richmond today. and the first funeral for one of the eight people killed was held this morning. >> "action news" reporter john rawlings was live in society hill tonight where the ntsb is expected to give an update on its investigation any moment now. john. >> reporter: that's right, it was supposed to be at 4:30. now it looks like it will be in the next few minutes we're told. it was delayed because they wanted to collect and review information from interviews they did today. they were planning to interview passengers. it's not clear if they talked to the engineer yet. he has agreed to talk to them. ntsb says they also want to look at his cell phone data from just prior to the crash. >> on the policy not only is it an amtrak policy to have cell phones off but it's a federal regulation that cell phones will be off while the
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employees are on duty. so, we will have the capability to determine whether or not he was on the phone texting or anything like that. when will we interview him? it's in the coming days and that time has not positively been nailed down but we were very encouraged that he has agreed to talk to us. >> reporter: ntsb staffers who swarmed onto the crash site have wrapped up their onsite investigation. gone at the twisted wreckage, trucked to delaware for further examination. amtrak is now their working around the clock rebuilding overhead wires and replacing 1300 feet of damaged northbound tracks. rick, it was hoped as early as -- or as late as late this afternoon they would be able to have some sort of limited rail service on the northeast corridor as early as monday. it now appears that's not going the happen. live in society hill, john rawlings, channel6 "action news." back to you all. >> john thank you.
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meantime nine people are still recovering from the derailment at temple university hospital. today officials said five of those people are still in critical condition in the icu. pennsylvania senator bob casey toured the facility today. he says it gave him a new perspective on the city's response to disasters. >> it's it's constructive for me to better able be able to understand the challenge at the hospital and what a hospital like this deals with in the midst of something as grave and as difficult as what they were faced with this week. >> at last check five others remain hospitalized at other facilities in the area including two others still in critical condition. let's head out now to "action news" reporter eva pilgrim who is near the scene of that derailment in port richmond and eva you heard from some of those first responders today. >> reporter: that's right, rick, today we heard for the first time from the first
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responders who helped rescue the victims of the train derailment. police officers were the first ones on the scene of the train 188 derailment. >> we first came across wires down everywhere. >> it was chaotic like the scene of a movie. once we gained access there was downed power lines jagged rocks, visibility was low. there's dirt, dust, debris everywhere. >> when we first got on location, there was just people everywhere. >> reporter: amid the chaos passengers were calling 911. >> we got a couple frantic calls from people who were on the train. >> reporter: one of the problems though those passengers didn't know where they were. dispatchers were able to pinpoint their locations from their cell phones. >> it was showing exactly where the train crash had occurred at the frankford junction on the curve. >> he took one side he took the other side, he took that car, he took another car. you give me a hand, you give me a happened and civilians who were involved. richard over here, rachel over
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there. those who were not injured they were there. they helped extricate. >> controlled chaos would be an understatement. >> people were hurt. they were put on buses with a police escort to get to the hospital police went right to work trying to keep track of all the people. >> finding out exactly who was on that train and exactly what hospital they were taken to and what injuries and that was overwhelming. >> there was no doubt that the philadelphia fire department, philadelphia police department and all of our first responders saved a the lot of lives. >> reporter: first responders say they were just doing their job. there wasn't time to think about the danger. >> we just tried to rush in and we're going to help to come to aid to people no matter what the situation is or the danger is involved. >> reporter: now many police officers administered tourniquets that night. they couldn't tell us exactly how many but say it was a significant number. tourniquets are fairly new. they're in response to major
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tragedies in other places. live in port richmond eva pilgrim. >> thank you. amtrak continues to work restoring service to parts of the northeast corridor. officials say service between philadelphia and new york will probably be suspended through at least monday. amtrak had earlier said limited service might resume on monday. modified service does continue though between philadelphia and washington d.c. and all right coverage continues online at there you can follow the latest on the ntsb's investigation as well as see photos and read more on the victims of the tragedy. boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev has sentenced to death. jurors deliberated for roughly 14 hours before reaching a verdict this afternoon. the decision was unanimous. tsarnaev was convicted of the bombing last month by the very same jury. he was found guilty of 30 counts, 17 of which carry the death penalty. a mysterious odor forced the evacuation of a u.s. post office facility in mer mercer county. chopper 6hd was over the scene
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this morning in hamilton township. employees reported a syrup like smell in the area where postal carriers prepare their mail for delivery. more than a dozen people were sickened including one worker who passed out. hazmat crews finished searching the scene and several mail trucks about two hours ago. no hazardous materials were found but officials are still trying to figure out the cause of that mysterious sweet smell. officials say everyone in the area should feel safe opening their mail. delaware state police are investigating this crash in new castle that left one injured. a motorcycle and a car collided just before noon today on route 273 near airport road. police say a man was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. it's unclear at this time if he was on the motorcycle or in the car. >> turning to the forecast, it's been the picture perfect friday with lots of sunshine and warmer temperatures. and while the weekend ahead looks pretty nice as well,
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some rain could head our way. meteorologist cecily tynan outside with the details from accuweather. hi, cecily happy friday. >> hi, rick. what a gorgeous friday. lots of sunshine through some high thin clouds and temperatures a little bit warmer than the past two days. the past two days 72 degrees, currently in philadelphia it's 76 degrees. allentown 74. reading 73 and wilmington 70 and you notice that sea breeze at the shore really cooling temperatures off at the beaches. sea isle city 61 degrees and even a little bit farther inland millville has now dropped down to 69 degrees. part of the reason why it feels so good, the dewpoints are very low. when we get dewpoints below 60 degrees this time of year it's a comfortable air mass. the dewpoint in philadelphia is 39 degrees so that's very dry. that low humidity. i hope you enjoyed it because the humidity will be spiking as we head through the weekend and early next week and it won't drop to levels like this again until next wednesday. so, we're getting into a warm and humid air mass and
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satellite6 along with action radar showing that that push of warmer air is coming with some showers and some thunderstorms across western pennsylvania. a few of these could clip our northern tier of our viewing area later on tonight but generally this friday night if you're out on the town it's going to be pretty comfortable. at 7 o'clock 68 degrees, by 8 o'clock 65, 9 o'clock 63 and by 10 o'clock 61 degrees. the temperatures will slowly drop as we head through the evening hours. so, what's ahead? it is going to be a warm and muggy weekend and i am tracking some pop-up showers and thunderstorms. i'll have details on when you'll need -- whether you'll need are umbrella coming up in the full accuweather 7-day forecast. back to you rick and monica. >> thank you cecily. time for a check of the "action news" traffic report. >> matt pelman in the traffic center with the latest. hey matt how are you. >> good. how are you guys. >> great. >> you know how picture perfect that weather is. >> not so much in the traffic. >> i cannot deliver on a friday night. things are very busy with a
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lot of friday evening volume rick and monica. as you look live at 95 nearly allegheny avenue it's stopped occasionally it moves. part of that is just the camera but part of it is the heavy traffic in both directions and by the way we're going to be the happy recipients of a new northbound traffic pattern on 95 this weekend between girard and allegheny. they're going to shift all the lanes to the center of the roadway. so watch out for that construction going on especially saturday night into sunday morning. some bad accidents out there this afternoon. there's one involving a motorcycle in middletown township bucks county along 413 at new falls road there by the burger king and that one in warrington a head-on crash along limekiln pike is actually closing limekiln now. stick with county line road as an alternate. in hammonton a vehicle ran into a building along 54th at third street and a big evening and weekend in wilmington with the grand prix going on. time trials this evening giving us closures in and around brandywine park. we'll check it again rick and monica in the next half hour. >> thank you sir. a big congratulations to the 150th graduating class of
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rider university. thousands of friends and family gathered to see students get their bachelor degrees here in lawrence, new jersey. of the more than 800 students who got a diploma nearly 500 also received academic honors. good for them. >> much more still to come on "action news" tonight. the amtrak train derailment left many people physically hurt but some are also dealing with psychological issues. ali gorman will explain in health check. >> that and more when "action news" continues for you tonight. >> okay. >> ♪♪
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>> president obama expressed his gratitude for the sacrifice of police during an annual memorial service today for fallen officers. the ceremony took place on the west lawn of the u.s. capitol. president obama called on americans to honor law enforcement heroes by working harder to heal rifts in communities they serve. the ceremony came at the end of the national police week. 34 new police officers joined the wilmington police department today. the 96 police academy graduation was held this morning at the chase center in wilmington. philadelphia police deputy commissioner richard ross was the key note speaker. congrats to them. >> we continue our coverage of the train derailment in health
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check tonight. dozens of survivors of the train accident are still battling physical wounds and many will likely also face psychological issues as well. >> that's right. health reporter and wretch in other words nurse ali gorman joins us with more on that. hi ali. >> hi guys. when you look at the images and hear the stories it's hard to imagine how passengers on that train are feeling and what's going on in their minds. a psychiatrist i spoke with explains the symptoms many are dealing with days after the accident. remnants of tuesday night's deadly train derailment are now being cleared from the scene. but the psychological effects for many survivors will likely linger. dr. mehta a psychiatrist with sign stein's center for comprehensive treatment says typically after a traumatic event people are in shock or disbelief the first few days but by day three symptoms of acute stress disorder can set in. >> they might have recurrent memories of the event so they keep thinking about it over
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and over again. >> reporter: and he says some may also have recurrent dreams of the accident or even flashbacks. >> i'm almost feeling like i am back sitting in the train compartment and, you know, i'm going through the crash. >> reporter: he says these symptoms are common after a traumatic event. >> i think this this was by far the largest mass casualty event in this region. >> reporter: for medical staff they typically >> people were upset about the volume of patients that came n it's overwhelming for sure. some people had very severe injuries. >> reporter: dr. meta says for medical workers and survivors talking about what happens is one of the best therapies. but if symptoms last more than three to four weeks, or if someone can't function day to day, then it's time to talk to
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a mental health professional. and he says that sleep is vital for recovery because that's when the mind starts to heal itself. he expects about half of the survivors to go through that acute stress phase. it's difficult to predict who will have problems in the long term but if someone is prone to anxiety or depression, it does raise their risk for posttraumatic stress gourd. rick -- disorder. >> wendy saltzman looks into a local charity that did not necessarily follow through on a home give away. here's a preview. >> reporter:. >> a homeless mother and her children say they were promised they would be able to move into this house in less than 30 days. that was more than a year ago. >> she exploited me and my family. they say the house is mine. the house is not mine. >> reporter: so why is it still boarded up? i'm investigative reporter wendy saltzman. we go to the charity to find out what happened.
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>> this is personal with me. the lord put this on my heart to finish this. >> reporter: why this home is still not in livable condition. don't miss my special report on "action news" at 11:00.
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. >> ♪♪ >> experts predicting gas prices this summer will be at their lowest level in six years. even though prices have been climbing a bit lately analysts say that will still be the cheapest summer prices since 2009 and that may mean more folks taking road trips spending money. the energy department says gas will average $2.43 a gallon, then should move back down to close to two dollars a gallon as we go towards the fall. reading terminal market has a new general manager. the historic urban farmers market is one of the country's largest oldest markets. tonight the new gm is anish gupta. it was a welcome reception afterwards at the national historic landmark building. >> some bucks county elementary students are giving mother nature a hand tonight. releasing brook trout they raised themselves. kids from pennypack elementary got a grant to buy eggs back in september and raise them to
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fingerlings in their classroom. today they released the fruits of their labor into neshaminy creek at tyler state park. what an awesome effort. congrats kids. looking for something fun to do outdoors this weekend? what about miniature golf. nearly a year after being proposed a brands new 18 hole miniature golf course opened near the wilmington river walk. the course is directly behind the delaware children's museum. today the riverfront development corporation hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony. it costs eight dollars per person but children three years old and younger are free.
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>> time now for accuweather at the "action news" big board. meteorologist cecily tynan keeping an eye on the week. not a complete washout. >> most of the weekend will be rain free but we'll have a few showers and thunderstorms but today it's dry it's comfortable and we're live on sky six. take a look at the center city skyline. yesterday we had those bright blue skies. today we have the high thin clouds but still thin enough to allow some filtered sunshine to move on through and temperatures a little bit warmer than yesterday. yesterday's high 72 degrees. currently in philadelphia it's 76. in allentown 74, wilmington 70. trenton 73. you'll notice the arrows, though winds are out of the southeast and that's off the ocean so it is cooler at the beaches.
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currently 60 in sea isle city and millville currently 69 degrees. storm tracker six live double scan showing that we are looking at some showers and thunderstorms moving across north central pennsylvania and i wouldn't be surprised if a few of these to clip our northern counties later on tonight. what's going on, high pressure is settling off coast and what this is doing is becoming that classic heat pump. it will be bringing in winds out of the south-southwest so that will allow temperatures to rise up into the mid to upper 80's tomorrow and the humidity will be quite a bit higher as well. you will notice the difference in the air mass. so we're 76 degrees in atlanta it's 79 in memphis it's 81 degrees. unfortunately for the plain states looks like there will be another outbreak of severe weather over the week with the potential for some tornadoes. back at home though, future tracker showing tomorrow morning we have a warm front moving through. we'll see more clouds and a few spotty showers really not putting out much at all but don't be surprised if you get a sprinkle. as we head through the day we'll see a mix of clouds and
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sunshine and then late in the afternoon is when we'll see a few more pop-up showers and thunderstorms and this will continue into the evening on saturday. warm and humid air mass could even have some gusty winds with this and again sunday little bit unsettled with some clouds and a possibility of some afternoon showers and thunderstorms. so, again, not a washout but not completely dry this weekend but we do need the rain. the call from accuweather for this friday night, partly cloudy and seasonable. 57 in millville, 58 in wilmington and trenton's low down to 56 degrees. association the five day at 5:00 showing the weekend we're back in that summer like air mass. muggy tomorrow, 85 degrees, some pop-up showers and thunderstorms primarily in the afternoon and evening hours. really a repeat performance on sunday very humid 88 degrees some scattered thunderstorms. on monday that warm front comes back as a cold front so what this will do is bring us winds off the ocean lots of clouds, it will be cooper, limited sunshine, a few
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scattered showers or drizzle 75 degrees and then tuesday a cold front moving through bringing us showers and thunderstorms, 76 degrees. and wednesday if you like yesterday you will like next wednesday. mostly sunny, breezy and pleasant with a high of 72 degrees and adam will have more details on what to expect for the rest of the work week next week coming up in the full accuweather 7-day forecast. the weekend warm and muggy and some thunderstorms but not a lot of rain. >> thank you cecily. we want the take live to what we are expecting to be the newest update from the ntsb a news conference about today's developments on the train crash that happened this week in port richmond killing eight people. we are expecting an update at any minute. just to update in you general the first funeral was held today for one of the eight victims and we still have numerous people who are hospitalized, several still listed as critical but all expected to recover. more funerals are being arranged at this point. we'll have much more for you from the ntsb as soon as that news conference happens in a moment. we'll be back.
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there's over two hundred thousand students in philadelphia. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i think they're both's making sure they all get a good education. teachers should have their contracts respected. they also should be held accountable. and it's wrong philadelphia gets less school funding than other parts of pennsylvania. i'll work with harrisburg to change that. but if they refuse i'll take them to federal court. as mayor i'll do what's right for them.
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. >> and "action news" at 5:00 continues now as we await that final ntsb news conference for this phase of the investigation into the crash of amtrak train 188 in port richmond pennsylvania. once it begins we'll bring
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that to you live. >> meantime crews are in the process of making repairs to that mangled stretch of track in order to get train service to the northeast corridor again. >> authorities said they hoped to have limited service back to new york city restored by monday. now they say that will not be happening. today amtrak crews turned their focus into rebuilding the overhead wires and more than 1300 feet of northbound rails. they'll be working around the clock trying to get that done. investigators preparing to interview engineer brandon bostian. 18 passengers remain hospitalized tonight, seven in critical condition. and our coverage of the train derailment continues online as and you can follow the latest on the ntsb investigation yourself. you can also see all the pictures and read more about the victims of this tragedy throughout the ordeal. in other news one person has been seriously injured in a motorcycle crash at bucks county this afternoon. chopper six overhead just a short time ago. this is along route 413 and
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new falls road in bristol township. detectives say the motorcyclist lost control and slammed into the side of this car. paramedics rushed the victim to saint mary medical for treatment. no word yet on whether the car driver was hurt. >> the man convicted of raping and robbing a woman near a center city septa station will spend 20 to 40 years in jail. he was handed that sentence today. he threw the victim to the ground near 15th and market robbed and assaulted her and ran awfully he was arrested later that day. a delaware county woman and her boyfriend will stand trial for murder in the death of the woman's two-year-old son. nathan hunter died back in february. her mother's boyfriend daniel grafton told police the boy died in the bathtub. a medical examiner later said the boy was beaten to death. grafton and mason's mother shannon matthews made their first appearance in court today both facing murder and related charges. there's been a sad
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development in the search for a missing u.s. marine helicopter missing in nepal since last week. today searchers found the wreckage just east of kathmandu. as abc's sergio cantana say it's unlikely there were survivors. >> reporter: nepalese rescuers scouring the rugged terrain near the chinese border spotted the wreckage of the crash. the uh1 hughey disappeared while delivering earthquake relief supplies in nepal. six u.s. marines and two nepalese soldiers were on board the chopper when it was lost after tuesday's 7.3 magnitude earthquake. it was nepal's second major quake in less than three weeks. the wreckage of the helicopter was found in pieces and there are no chances of any survivors according to nepal's defense secretary. the cause of the crash is not yet known but weather and terrain high up in the himalayans is treacherous. >> we'll continue to mourn the loss and observe the sacrifice of the great soldiers from
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nepal and our marines who lost their lives. >> reporter: the military has not yet identified the marines on the helicopter but abc affiliate kake in wichita interviewed the family of pilot chris norgren. her mom got flowers from her son last sunday. >> i love you. believe in you. proud of what you're doing. you've helped so many other people there chris and i know you're ready to come home. >> reporter: the recovery was called off just before sunset here in part because of bad weather conditions. abc news, nepal. >> all right. now we are live in society hill where investigators with the ntsb are holding their daily briefing. let's listen to robert sum was the. >> i -- sumwalt. >> i want to point out that these crew members have been traumatized through this accident that they were in. and they've not fully
5:34 pm
recovered from their injuries. we did interview the engineer today and. as has been widely reported he is 32 years old. he had his fra federal railroad administration required physical just last month. our investigators found the engineer to be extremely cooperative. he was accompanied by his lawyer, which is not at all unusual. and the engineer encouraged us to contact him further again contact him again if we needed anything else, so again we found him to be extremely cooperative. he recalls ringing the train bell as he went through the north philadelphia station. that's not a normal station stop for him but he's required by regulations to sound his bell. i may have said horn. he's required to sound his bell as he goes through past a
5:35 pm
station stop. and he did that. he recalled doing that. but he has in recollection of anything past that. he felt fully qualified and comfortable with his equipment and he reported no problems with his train handling. and when asked when asked he demonstrated very good knowledge of the very -- very good working knowledge of the territory. speed limitations things like that. he began his railroad career while he was in college as a brakeman. he started with amtrak in 2006 as a conductor and in 2010 he became a locomotive engineer. since 2012 he has worked out of new york city and he's been on this particular job for
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several weeks. he works it five days a week, it's an out and back trip for him. goes new york, washington and back to new york. five days a week. he said that he did not feel fatigued, nor did he report any illness. as we reported the other day the train has three conductors the conductor is not able to be interviewed as he is still in the hospital. however, we did interview the two assistant conductors. i'll call it assistant conductor number one these 39 years old hired by amtrak in 2011. and she was in the fourth car which is the cafe car. she stated that before departing washington the
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entire crew conducted a safety briefing where they went over all of the speed restrictions along their intended route. she reported that it was a normal run through philadelphia. everything was normal up through philadelphia. and she said she could hear the transmission of the locomotive engineers. the conductors carry radios and they are frequently talking to and listening to the locomotive engineer. so, she could hear the transmissions from the locomotive engineer. she reported that approximately three to four minutes after departing philadelphia, she said she heard the engineer talking to a septa engineer. she recalled that the septa engineer had reported to the train dispatcher that he had either been hit by a rock or
5:38 pm
shot at. and the septa engineer said that he had a broken windshield and he placed his train into emergency stop. she also believed that she heard the engineer say something about -- she also believed that she heard her engineer say something about his train being struck by something. this is her recollection and certainly we're going to be conducting further investigation of this -- of this comment. our investigation is not independently confirmed this information but we have seen damage to the left hand lower portion of the amtrak windshield that we have asked the fbi to come in and look at for us.
5:39 pm
we oftentimes rely on the fbi for their technical expertise in such areas and they will be there tonight looking at this particular damage to the amtrak locomotive windshield. of course when the engine went through the -- went through the -- through the impact, the windshield was shattered but there's particular damage there that we want them to look at for us. we secured the track image recorder by the way from the septa train to see what we can learn from that. now, moving forward right after she recalled hearing this conversation between the engineer and the -- her engineer and septa engineer, she said that she felt a
5:40 pm
rumbling and her train leaned over and her car went over on its side. she said they were not able to self evacuate and they waited for the emergency responders to get them out. she said she had about 15 passengers in her car. we asked what her relationship -- working relationship was with her locomotive engineer. she said she had worked with him a good bit and said that he was great to work with. she said he was always offering to help her with her job. now, let's move to the assistant conductor number two. he's 35 years old. he was hired by amtrak in may of last year just a few days before the accident he had celebrated his one year anniversary with amtrak. he was in the seventh passenger car that, of course, is the last passenger car and he reported having about 40 people in his car.
5:41 pm
up to the accident, he reported no problems other than some radio problems, radio problems with his portable radio. he said that sporadically he could hear but not sure that some of those transmissions were going out. at the point that we're describing at the location of the accident, he said he felt shaking, then two major impacts. he said that interior seats disconnected and he attempted to contact the amtrak dispatch center but does not recall receiving a response. he assisted with the evacuation of engine passengers until he was instructed by emergency responders to go seek medical attention on his own. he said he had not worked much
5:42 pm
with the amtrak engineer for the accident trip but he did say that he was happy with the engineer and described the engineer as being very professional. so what we've just described is the information that allowed us to delay the press conference so that we could report that information to you. we've got some other investigative materials that we'll fill in you on what's been going on. we mentioned through the week a 3-d laser scanner. we've done a 3-d laser scanning of the locomotive interior and exterior. we scanned an exemplar passenger car so that we can compare the exemplar passenger car to the damaged cars. and we've also documented interior safety features in all cars. we'll continue -- we've continued the testing of the signals and the signal
5:43 pm
circuitry. basically as the tracks are being rebuilt our signal specialists are going along to check the continuity of the signal circuitry. over the weekend we plan to reassemble the train set as much as we can to put it back together connect the brake lines and conduct a brake test and that will take several days. over the course of the last few days, some of you have asked what would we do if we could not talk to the engineer and how would we resolve it. one of the things we've called for in the wake of a fatal train crash in 2008 where 25 people were killed including the engineer, the ntsb issued recommendations for forward facing image recorders and
5:44 pm
inward facing image recorders so something that would get a video image video and audio image of what's going on inside the locomotive cab as well as the outward facing cameras and of course this train did have an outward facing camera. we also feel it's important to have the inward facing cameras. the fra -- that recommendation was issued in 2010 when we completed our investigation of that accident out in chatsworth, california and the fra has reclined that they do intend to act upon that recommendation. there's a lot to be done. i think over the last few days we've gotten a lot done but this will be our final press briefing on scene. future information on this accident will be coming from our press office in
5:45 pm
washington, d.c. and in just a moment i'll ask peter to explain that process but basically i think you can follow us on our web page and also follow us at twitter. i think you know our twitter handle is at ntsb. i want to emphasize that even though this is the final press briefing, certainly there is a lot of work that needs to be done and will be done over the next several days while our investigative team is here in philadelphia. there's a lot that needs to be done and will be done, but anyway, that's the end of my prepared remarks and if you would, please raise your hand, i'll call on you and identify your outlet. yes, ma'am. >> new york post. you said that this route is from new york to washington and then back to new york. >> yes. >> was he coming back, that was his second journey of the day? >> he does -- was that his second journey of the day? that was his -- the answer is
5:46 pm
it's one round trip so he starts in the -- in the early afternoon washington -- schools me new york, washington, back to new york so it's one round trip. >> how much time is between that. >> how much time is between that? we -- we will have his schedule. i don't have it immediately in front of me but as i've often said we are here to get information that will go away with the passage of advertisement his schedule we can get next week but we want to do things like trainer views and things like that crew interviews. >> patrick manning fox news. other than input into the throttle what else could explain the acceleration of the explain other than human input what else could explain the acceleration of the train. the train does not have -- i flew airplanes for long time. we had airplanes that had automatic throttles the trains do not have automatic throttles. it's a manual input. we're going to be through the -- through the event
5:47 pm
recorder through the black box, if you will, we do -- one of the parameters recorded is throttle movement so we'll be looking at that to see if that might correspond with the -- with the speed increase. but we're also looking to see if there could be any type of mechanical anomaly that could potentially cause the train to accelerate without an input so we'll come right here. >> have you been able to get any of the toxicology reports back, blood work and things like that and are there any other videos on the train that may show you what he was doing before the crash? >> have we been able to get back the toxicology reports and is there any other video that we may be able to learn from? let me address the video issue first. we're always surprised and happy that there are video sources that come from unintenderred sources like such as has been reported on the media there was a security camera that reported some
5:48 pm
sparking or an explosion is the way it was described on tv that probably came as a result of lines collapsing after the -- after the collision -- after the accident. so... so, you know, people have cell phone cameras and things like that. we're always looking for additional sources of video information. if anybody has video information, that we don't know about, we'd love to hear about it from our witness line. that witness line is witness at so we would love to hear from that. also, the first part of the question was tox results. let me say first of all i hear people talking about blood work. we do not the ntsb does not request blood work. we don't do that but by federal law, whenever there's a transportation accident involving commercial entities, by federal law transportation
5:49 pm
safety transportation workers are required to perform drug and alcohol testing. that is done by the carrier in this case by amtrak. so amtrak has conducted that in accordance with the regulations, at least that's the information we have at this time. that information is -- we take a split sample. amtrak sends that to their independent lab we send it to our independent lab in oklahoma city and the faa -- i'm sorry the dot requirement is for five specific drugs to be checked for. we send it to the faa in oklahoma city to look for many many drugs over-the-counter drugs. so -- it's a long answer to say that that process takes time. however, the process has been initiated. there's a question right here. >> msnbc. based on what you saw at the
5:50 pm
scene and interviews you've done so far today, what is the preliminary conclusion you can draw in terms of what caused this crash. second question is you say you want to look at a particular part of the window. what is it exactly you're looking for? what did you see that raises this issue. >> reporter: couple of questions there. what conclusions can we draw? the answer to that is easy. we do not draw conclusions at this stage of an accident investigation. we're here to collect information. we will draw conclusions at the completion of the investigation which will be after a very thorough and comprehensive investigation. regarding the question about what damage patterns to that windshield are we having the fbi look at, it would be a -- on the -- if you're standing in middle of the locomotive path the center line over here is where the engineer's windshield over here is the other windshield and in the lower portion of the left hand windshield there is a -- a
5:51 pm
circular pattern that emanates out just a bit. so, that's the damage to that. question. >> a rock might have gone through that. >> what could have caused that? we are going to -- that will be part of the analysis and that's exactly what we're going to look at. there's a question right here. >> the engineer. >> let me catch her first and then i'll come to you. >> ntsb require [inaudible] >> does the ntsb -- i'm sorry does. >> require similar compliance. >> in terms of. >> number of hours. >> what hours of service requirements are there out there for various modes of transportation? those are not regulated by the ntsb. those are regulated by the u.s. department of transportation and they are different depending on whether you're a trucker or a commercial bus driver or a airline pilot or whether you are a train operator.
5:52 pm
so they're very complex and to sit here and explain right now i'd have to spend a lot of time looking through the regulations but they are different according to each mode of transportation. yes, sir. >> the engineer's injuries and his interview anything indicate vis-a-vis damage to the windshield rocks being thrown [inaudible] to indicate he suffered any injury or trauma as a result of. >> does the year indicate from his injuries that there may have been -- that he may have been struck by something entering the cab? and he did not report anything to that -- to that effect when he interviewed -- when we interviewed him this afternoon. yes, ma'am. >> did he report anything about [inaudible]? >> did it come from the assistant -- i'm sorry, did the engineer report anything about that conversation about the projectile or being shot at.
5:53 pm
mike was in the interview and the answer to that is. >> he didn't -- he didn't report any projectile. >> was he specifically asked that question? he was specifically asked that question and he did not recall -- did he not recall anything of that sort. but there again he does not -- he reported that he does not have any recollection of anything past north philadelphia. >> hang on just a second. can we we figure out how to work that thing over that. good job. almost good job. eric thank you. renee. >> i know you said you don't have the schedule right now. do you know if these two routes were. prior to new york to watch washington had he done any other trip. >> no, had he done any other trips that day. no, he had not. he reported for duty in new york took his train to
5:54 pm
washington and then he was on his return trip to new york. >> the second question, you said [inaudible] from septa train to learn more. can you flesh that out. >> yeah, do we have any information from the track image recorder, the video recorder from the septa train and we have just secured that and have not -- have not looked at that -- have not evaluated that. >> all right, you've been listening to robert sumwalt when it ntsb summarize wag they have been able to do interviewing most of the crew and they said the engineer brandon bostian was cooperative and we'll be right back with much more.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
>> dean amount of sunshine high temperatures in the 70's today, 60's at the shore. but we're tracking a warm front moving in from the west. you can see the clouds pushing in along with a couple of scattered showers that were that will arrive later on tonight but to the south we're watching a lost showers and thunderstorms erupting with more summer heat and humidity and awful this will be lifting to the north and east as we get into your saturday and
5:57 pm
sunday. so, for tonight partly cloudy, a few showers near dawn, 54 to 60 for the overnight low with low humidity. however on the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast that summer soup is back for saturday and sunday. very humid and very warm, 85 to around 88 degrees. sun and clouds but there could be a downpour or a thunderstorm that pops at any given time this weekend but not a washout either day. some rain for a few communities and then limited sun a lot of clouds and cooler on monday of 75 before another chance of showers and thunderstorms on tuesday with the next front at 76 and that will set up for a sunny breezy pleasant mid to end week wednesday through friday of next week going into memorial day weekend highs in the 70's and low humidity. >> all right adam. have a nice weekend. that's going to do it for us. "action news" at 6:00 is up next and we'll have the very latest on tuesday night's deadly train derailment and the finding from there ntsb investigator as to what he found out today after conducting several interesting interviews. >> they did say very pivotal
5:58 pm
information there's been damage to one of the windshields in a circular pattern could be a rock or a gun shot. jim gardner will have much more on that. we'll be back on monday. have a good weekend. jamie wanted a taste of the real new orleans and we just couldn't say no to that face. then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours.
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>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rodgers meteorologist cecily tynan and jim gardner. >> ♪♪ >> it is friday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is a new development in the amtrak tragedy. robert sumwalt of the ntsb has just revealed that a conductor on the ill fated train heard the engineer say that he thought the train had been hit by something. "action news" reporter john
6:00 pm
rawlings is live at the society hill sheraton where the sumwalt news conference is still going on. john that comment by engineer brandon bostian would obviously be very provocative. >> reporter: well, the comment actually came apparently from someone listening to a two-way radio the conductor listening to the two-way radio. you're right this is a startling revelation certainly raises the specter of a possible crime being involved here. the ntsb began today's news conference saying that they had spoken with brian bostian the engineer, he was fully cooperate activity seemed familiar with the train he operated. said he was not fatigued on the night of the derailment for was he feeling ill at the time. he told them he remembered sounding the bell on the train as he passed north philadelphia station. now, that's at broad street. this is the north philadelphia station. it's a routine it is required but he can remember nothing after that. then the ntsb talked to one of the conducto


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